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Tokyo Godfathers (2003) Movie BluRay 720p 300MB ● Download & Watch Online


Tokyo Godfathers (2003) Movie BluRay 720p 300MB ● Download & Watch Online




Name: Tokyo Godfathers (2003)

Quality: BluRay 720P

Size: 300 MB

Language: Bangla

Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Original Work
Release: 8 November 2003 (Japan)

IMDb: 7.9/10



On a chilly December evening, Hana, a transvestite, Misaki, a teenage runaway, and Gin, a retired bike racer, found little Kiyoko in the trash. For three homeless people, finding an abandoned baby might not have been the best of luck, but with good intentions and two cents to chip in, the trio set out to find the parents of the child. But locating the mother will not be an easy task, and all they have to go on is a small key…



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