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Important Notice

There was a recent hack on today (21 Aug) at noon

Today we experienced the worst thing in our history, A HACK! It is suspected that a group/group of people may originated this incident. As we saw there was a campaign against us. But the thing is we don’t believe that they have that capability. Instead someone else might have used their campaign against both of us. But we can never say that certainly. Because as you can see some of their admin’s behave/comment/enjoyment Here

We are sorry to announce that we will no longer share Bangla subtitle of that particular group, be it a link to subscene or a softcoded file. You as user have to do that yourself.

We hope you are happy now Md. Yousuf and Rajdeep Das

However, if you as a user request us for subtitle via the web form, we will go out of our way and will softcode the subtitle and will include your request as reference (***)

MLSBD is not just a website, it’s a platform. and it’s not meant for some ‘Dudher machi’ type people. Anything we share here is here for a reason. Some people call PORN when they see something [18+] or [R] but these dumbass has no idea about rating and certification.

Meanwhile MLSBD will be always up and running.

You are free to comment on this topic.

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