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Former 3: Goodbye predecessor / 前任3:再见前任 (2017) Chinese Movie HDTVrip | 720p – 480p ★ Download & Watch Online [HC]


Former 3: Goodbye predecessor / 前任3:再见前任 (2017) Chinese Movie HDTVrip | 720p – 480p ★ Download & Watch Online



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Name: Former 3: Goodbye predecessor (2017)

Quality: HDTVRip

Size: 1.7GB | 563 MB

Language: Chinese

Genre: Comedy / Love
Release: 2017-12-29

IMDb ★: 5.9/10



Pair of good friends Meng Yun (Han Geng ornaments) and Yu Fei (Cheng Kai ornaments) and his girlfriend broke up because of a trivial matter, and “refused to save, do not admit to death.” Two people in the nightclub, party and dating software to fly the second spring of life, wanton celebration of the “golden single”, which led to a series of funny stories. Meng Yun and his girlfriend share the same bitterness but could not escape the “five-year itch,” Yu Fei and his girlfriend are chess each enemy love to kill without a lifetime. However, the reality of “hitting the face” came as a surprise: a pair of push-pull tangled zero-sum, a pair of entangled each other full account. Two couples will face the final choice: meet again? Or never see?



Tian Yu Sheng (Director) / Han Geng / Zheng Kai / Yu Wenwen

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